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GS Film Academy offers the aspiring actors a platform for professional and personal growth. You can discover acting in its most developed form at GS Film Academy. It is India's finest acting school for talented individuals who wish to pursue careers as actor-performers in the entertainment industry. The intensive professional-level course provides specialized training in acting. The classes at GS Film Academy are conducted by skillful in-house faculty members who passionately teach the craft through practical, theory classes, games, exercises and extensively filmed practicals. Above all, each student receives individual guidance and counseling from the veteran actors and well- trained teacher-actors.

Our courses are designed both for fresh, debutant actors as well as those with experience, this Academy provides actors with modern on-camera acting techniques rooted in time-honored theatrical traditions. Academy connections have been developed with theatre artists, professional theatres and educators across India which gives opportunity to our students to complete their dreams.

Powering Your Passion

One of the things about acting is it allows you to live other people's lives without having to pay the price. GS Film Academy allows you to live that life and provides you the platform to fulfil your dreams. With plentiful workshops, seminars and training sessions, we drive out the actor within you and discover your highest potential to promote your passion.

Discover Your Dreams

Anyone can direct but few can inspire. Our vision is to create such talents who can inspire the world with their movie making abilities. Our expertise are set to teach you all the insights of Script Analyzing, Casting, Planning & Production, Screenplay and the knowledge about all the creative departments. Get ready to inspire the world, get ready to become a next James Cameron.

Make Cinematography Your Profession

At GS Film Academy get deep knowledge about the world of film making. We prepare our students to be able to perform in every situation, be it the studio floor, the exterior shooting or any shooting condition. Here, students learn to grab the technical and creative demands of cinematography for television, feature, documentary, advertising or music videos. They obtain maximum expertise and proficiency through this certification course.

Course in Editing

Learn the art of editing, script analysis, styles of cutting, continuity and many insights of beauty of editing.

Course in Anchoring

Grab the best basics of fluency, pitch, tone, clarity and deep knowledge about speaking pleasingly.

Course in Script Writing

Explore the world of writing. Be it a script for television, Documentaries, Movies or Story Board, we have expertise for everything.

Course in Singing

Let the rhythm, tempo, taal & Laya joins your heart beat. Explore your voice here at GS Academy.

Course in Dance

Step up and learn each form of dancing, we have expertise for Western, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Salsa, B-Boeing and many more.

Course in DJ

Learn to execute perfect blends, clean mixes, and unique sound creations with professional guidance.

Course in Dubbing

Get wisdom in Craft of Dubbing with perfect Mike Handling, Lips Sinking, Voice Modulation and Tonality.

Course in Sound Engineering

Fill your brain with latest Audio Technology, Sound Designing Techniques and Sound Recording Process in very efficient way.

Course in Modelling

Give your face a recognition learn modeling, personality projection, make up and styling, back stage management and portfolio development, everything at one place at GS Film Academy.

Course in Music Production Courses

Discover about music production process including recording, editing, mixing and the tools to create contemporary music on your computer.

Course in Music

If you dream to be a musician and music is your passion then we have much expertise to offer you a musical journey of your life.

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We at GS Film academy offers several courses in film industry with qualified professionals. Our professional faculty have great industrial experience in various field. We offers courses for both fresh and experienced. With our experinced faculty you will always love to achieve better and better milestone in your film career.

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